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How to Encourage a Loved One to Seek Treatment at a Drug Addiction Clinic

Drug addiction doesn't just affect the person who is addicted, it affects their loved ones too. It can be difficult to see a loved one struggling with addiction and you may feel powerless to help them. However, while you can't force your loved one to get help, you can help encourage them to get help for themselves.

Display Empathy

No matter how frustrated or angry you may be, it's important to be empathetic about your loved one's addiction. Addiction is a disease and it can be extremely difficult to treat on your own when it impacts decision-making and creates cravings for more.

Never approach your loved one with force, accusations, or anger, as this will only drive them further away. Instead, avoid criticism and demonstrate concern. Acknowledge how hard they are struggling and emphasize that you are ready to support and help them if they make the decision to seek treatment at a drug addiction clinic.

Provide Information

In the U.S. there are over 14,500 clinics that offer treatment for substance abuse, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Find information about your local drug addiction clinic and relay this information to your loved one. Have an open and honest discussion about options such as in-patient or out-patient programs, and talk with your loved one about how they feel about either. Stress that treatment is always an option and that you're not trying to force it, but rather give them a choice should they decide to seek help themselves.

Don't Enable

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, don't enable them. Ensure that they have to take responsibility for their own actions, but be sure to try and offer support in as many other ways as possible. While you may cut off enabling, you can counter it by suggesting alternatives such as group counseling or a family support group, some of which may be available online.

Remove Their Fears

Getting clean can be a scary prospect, especially when addiction is affecting the mind. While the process is never fun, allay their fears by emphasizing that a drug addiction clinic is one of the best places to detoxify, as everything is medically supervised to make it as safe and as painless as possible.

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, you're not helpless to help them. By offering gentle encouragement and approaching them from a place of concern, acceptance, and support, you can help guide them in a better direction so that they can get the help that they need.

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