Statistics on Methadone Treatment: Is It Effective?

According to American Addiction Centers, methadone has been used as a successful treatment for opiate addiction since the early 1970s. methadone is also an effective pain reliever, and in 2008, over 750,000 methadone prescriptions were written for pain relief. But what exactly is methadone treatment, and what happens when you visit a methadone treatment center to seek help for opiate addiction for yourself or your loved one?

How Methadone Treatment Works

Methadone treatment is also known as substitution therapy because it can be taken as an opiate replacement medication. It helps people who were previously addicted to heroin avoid a relapse.

That's because when a person becomes addicted to the drug, their dependency forces them to seek out another dose. Methadone can help them cope, so they stay on the path to recovery. The use of methadone has long-reaching positive effects for people who were previously addicted.

For starters, they no longer have to expose themselves to risky situations to satisfy their addiction. The quality of life therefore improves, and the person is in a better position to better themselves.

Studies That Validate the Effectiveness of Methadone Treatment

Because methadone treatment has been around for decades, there are many studies available that indicate that it's effective at reducing opioid use. For instance, a 2009 Cochrane review showed that methadone treatment combined with psychosocial treatment was more effective at reducing opioid use and its negative behavioral associations than just psychosocial treatment alone.

The study also showed that methadone treatment was still effective at improving the outcomes of opioid addiction even when the patient did not receive counseling. The use of methadone is not only effective in the treatment of opioid addiction, but it also helps treat alcohol abuse and abuse of other drugs.

The Bottom Line

The statistics on methadone treatment indicate that it can be an effective option for people who are addicted to opiates. The benefits of methadone have been documented as well, and overall, they translate to an improved quality of life in the aftermath of severe addiction.

Are you or your loved one dealing with opiate addiction? A methadone treatment center could be the solution. Here you will be able to find highly qualified professionals that are trained to help people recover from drug addiction through the administering of methadone. Call our methadone treatment center today to get the help you need.

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