What Are the Requirements for a Suboxone Program?

The use of addictive substances is well known to have a negative impact on the body. The drug or substance poses a threat to both your physical and mental health.

Therefore, when you are struggling with an addiction, it's not only the body that needs to recover but the mind as well. As a result, when you want to enroll in a Suboxone program, there are several requirements that you must meet. Read on to find out more.

The Patient Should be Committed to Treatment

This is a major concern when considering a suboxone program. The individual in question should be committed to receiving treatment for addiction. If one is not interested in recovery, the treatment will not work. It's not uncommon for addicts to have some reluctance to give up the drug they are addicted to. These substances stimulate the brain's reward center, which makes them difficult to quit.

For an addict, the reality of recovery is unknown, so sometimes, they choose to stick to the comfort of the drug. However, it's not always that a patient that doesn't seem to be willing to recover should be left alone. In fact, treatment acceptance is part of the treatment protocol. Lastly, the candidate must be presented with other treatment options, and they have to choose Suboxone on their own.

Patients Should be Able to Follow Through With Scheduled Visits

A Suboxone program will only work if the patient is able to show up for the therapist's set timetable of visits. In most instances, they will need to visit the physician every day for one or two weeks. It's not advisable for people to step into treatment then decide to skip checkups and appointments.

The Patient Must be Aware of the Risks and Benefits of Suboxone.

The biggest risk associated with Suboxone use is its potential for abuse. While buprenorphine is a partial agonist that places a limit on how high a patient can get, some individuals still find ways to abuse it nevertheless. It is therefore important for a patient to understand this before treatment commences. Other than suboxone, methadone is another treatment option that could be considered. The patient must also understand the behavior of other drugs. For instance, methadone remains in the body for a prolonged period – usually 1-3 days.

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