How a Heroin Treatment Clinic Can Help Your Loved One

Heroin has been noted as one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs. Many people have spent thousands of dollars trying to experience the intense effect it has on the brain's reward system.

In simple terms, heroin is capable of stimulating the production of feel-good chemicals, namely dopamine and endorphins. Long-term use leads to addiction, which has been associated with a host of problems. For instance, the body becomes so dependent on this drug that it becomes almost impossible to quit.

If you have a loved one suffering from heroin addiction then you may have already noticed their persistent cravings or the intense feelings of withdrawal they suffer from if they don't get their daily dose. The good news is getting help from a heroin treatment clinic can greatly help your loved one with their recovery. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a heroin treatment clinic for your affected family member or friend.

Benefits of A Heroin Treatment Clinic

A heroin treatment clinic can help your loved one through the difficult recovery process. Here's how:

Professional Medical Treatment

As mentioned earlier, trying to quit heroin can lead to painful withdrawal symptoms. When your loved one goes to a heroin treatment clinic, they will be given medication to help them through the detoxification stage. There are many FDA-approved medicines to help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

There are also many other medicines that are used to treat heroin addiction. For instance, there's methadone, which also produces similar effects to opioids but on a much smaller scale.

To compare, it requires a dose of 20 mg of oral methadone to achieve the same effect as 5 mg of parenteral heroin. It can therefore help someone dealing with heroin addiction to become less dependent on the substance, which reduces the chance of a relapse.

Behavioral Therapy

Generally, when a person completes the detoxification stage, they'll also have to undergo therapy. People seeking help at a heroin treatment clinic have a better chance of avoiding relapse and staying clean.

Therapy sessions help your loved ones to develop a solid plan of action for how to cope and start living a more normal time. Remember, recovery from heroin addiction is a lifetime process and the chances of success are higher when dealing with trained professionals, who understand after-care treatment protocols.

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